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Ruben Valencia

Ruben Valencia was elected to the Ontario City Council in 2016. He has been an Ontario resident for over two decades and is passionate about creating a better Ontario for all. Ruben is happily married and has three adult daughters.

Ruben is an honorably retired Deputy Sheriff after 32 years of service. With years of experience and dedication, he has been recipient of numerous awards including, but not limited to:

  • Medal of Bravery Recipient

  • Life Saving Award Recipient

  • International Police Association, Member at Large

  • Legendary Lawman Award, Gold

  • Exemplary Performance Award

In his time as Councilman, he has worked to improve community. Notably, he was able to bring in a program dear to his heart for the youth of Ontario: Youth Activities League. Moreover, he has worked to bring in grants as a resource to the community. Ruben works tirelessly to ensure residents are the voice of Ontario at City Hall. With that in mind, Ruben decided to run for Mayor to be that voice that Ontario needs.


Residents come first!




FIGHT for a transparent government that shares CLEAR information with residents, enforces accountability, establishes fair financing in election campaigning, and a code of ethics.

SUPPORT strong public safety departments. We must ensure our residents and neighborhoods are safe.

WORK to build an Ontario where residents come first; clean and well lit parks and public spaces; safe walking routes to school for our children.

DEDICATE myself to work with our community members and community groups to provide additional resources for our residents.

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